Before The Wedding

Step 1: Introductions

So you love what you see and would like to know more about my rates? Great! I would be honored to create a unique representation of your wedding day. The base rate starts at $3500 (find out more about your investment here). Now, take a minute to fill the contact form so we can move on to step 2!

Step 2: Let's Talk

I usually reply to inquiries within a few hours on week days, so keep an eye on your inbox. From there we schedule a phone call, video chat or can even meet up for coffee/beer (my favorite option) - this allows me to get to know you as a couple, find out what you're excited about and answer any questions you may have. 

Step 3: The Formalities

Once we've agreed on the best choices for you, I draft up a contract and send that your way for review. There's a 25% deposit due upon signing and then we're good to go!


After The Wedding

Turnaround time

You won't have to wait forever to receive your film, I promise! I do my best to have your highlight film in your hands 2-3 months after the wedding. This allows me the proper amount of time required to give your film the full amount of effort and attention it deserves.


I deliver your films through a custom web page that includes a digital-download in full HD and easily allows you to share your film with friends and family.