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Hey there. I'm Mike Marrotte. My passion for filmmaking stems back to a Christmas in the early 2000s when I received the gift of a small handy-cam from my parents - as soon as the blue glow from the startup screen illuminated my curious face, I was hooked. The amount of film I have of my brothers and I dancing in the basement is pretty impressive.

Skip ahead a decade and I'm still shooting video (the trusty handy-cam sitting proudly on the bookshelf, the dancing still appearing every now and then). Over the years I've come to realize my desire to capture and tell stories through moving images is powerful, and can enhance the way people see the world. The things I create are about the things that inspire me.

I love to tell the stories of strong and passionate marriages. I work to promote businesses, brands and organizations that are doing remarkable work. My goal is to create video content that encourages people to build new connections - with people, with purposes and with life.